Occupy wall street platform

Can we agree on these?

1. Reinstate Glass-Siegel
2. Reinstate the fairness doctrine
3. Repeal the concept of corporation=person
4. Reform campaign financing
— corporations cannot donate any money to any campaigns. (see 3)
— corporations cannot participate in any manner in any campaigns, no making political ads, no employment of any lobbyists. (see 3)
— limit total campaign spending to some reasonable, but small, amount.
— limit total purchasable airtime for campaigns to some reasonable number of hours, starting no sooner than xx months before election day.
— require broadcast networks to provide free airtime to all legitimate candidates, the same amount for all.

5. Reform the personal income tax code to make it simpler, more progressive, loophole-less. Apply a progressive system to corporate tax rates.
6. Enact single-payer healthcare system.